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Re: Understanding patients
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That is a general problem MartinR. When out company was formed out of Southern, South Eastern and Scottish Gas we were dealing with a lot of different dialects. Over time it got much better to understand the Guys from Scotland.

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Understanding patients
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I've just read an amusing anecdote in the current issue of The Blackcountyman.  Edith Cotterill was born in Tipton (incidentally, just down the hill from where I started school), during a Zeppelin raid in 1917.  After qualifying as a nurse she was working in Margate Hospital when WWII broke out.  At some point a minesweeper was attacked and the injured sailors taken to the hospital.  Apparently no-one except for Edith could understand their dialect, they all hailed from the Black Country!  Goodness knows how the locals would have managed with broad Geordies of Scots.