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Ricketts/Shannon at Chilham Castle, Kent
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Well known and respected artists Charles Ricketts 1866-1931 and partner Charles Shannon 1863-1937 had a weekend/summer retreat at Chilham.  They took over The Keep, Chilham Castle in Kent at the invitation of then owner, Edmund Davis. Owner between 1918-1941.

Sometime around 1908 Ricketts had a bronze mask done by Reginald Fairfax Wells 1877-1951. This was shown at a June 1914 exhibition in London. This mask hasn't been seen since that time. It was kept at Chilham Castle, I understand.  A little later partner Charles Shannon also had a bronze mask done by Wells. This on his death, as agreed was sent to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

I wonder if anyone has knowledge of the mask at Chilham Castle?  Or any none internet detail about the pair of artists during their time at Chilham.

I know this is a big ask, but any detail or knowledge would be very helpful.

Thank you.  Please Stay Safe during 2021.
Mike Gunnill

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