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Wetham Green, UPCHURCH .
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I had a long post about this lost forever on  the old Forum.

Wetham Green, UPCHURCH TS3.(Thames South 3) Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun Site.
The gun site was equipped with Gun Laying Radar on a ramped stand in an adjacent field.
The main Gunsite  was established by February 1940 and was armed with four 3.7 inch Anti-aircraft (AA) guns by 1942. This battery was located within the deployment zone around the fringes of the Thames Estuary, an area known as the Diver Box created for the eastern defence of London. The battery came under the operational control of 28 AA Brigade, and was enlarged to accommodate two additional HAA guns circa 1944 In January 1946 the battery was selected to form part of the reduced, post-war layout known as the Nucleus Force, with its guns held in readiness off-site. It remained as such until the end of the Cold War in the 1960,s
In present day the site is more or less still complete although much updated by the present owner. The Radar Ramp is present but in a derelict condition.The site can be viewed from a Footpath running beside it.
Most of the Domestic site is present but on private land and unavailable to the public.
The photos below are from Google earth taken in 1960 and last year 2020.
On 24-Apr-2002 the Site was listed as a Scheduled Monument 1020387
National Grid Reference: TQ 84447 68407, TQ 84503 68365, TQ 84515 68452, TQ 84618 68304