Author Topic: St. Catherine House, Aldwych !  (Read 410 times)

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St. Catherine House, Aldwych !
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When I visited London, one of my tasks was to visit the Aldwyth for St. Catherine House.
I was armed with a notebook & pencil, entering, I made my way to the `BOOKS `.
 The `house` was crowded, every time I used the place. Still, with a little knowledge, I
elbowed my way to the BOOKS. Looking over the peoples shoulder`s, I saw what I wanted.
I had to wait until I could get near enough to `grab`one. eventually my chance came, I
swooped grabbed it, now to find enough space, to put, it down on the sloping surface,
their version of a table, again I waited, then I grabbed my space, I was in. Notebook &
pencil taking notes, Armed with the brass bound heavy book, I went to put t back, on the
shelf. This went on & on, back & forth, until I had all the information, I needed. Next, down-
stairs, to the birth`s & death department,  I gave my order, both birth & death certificates,
the the man behind the counter. He re-peated the order, I said `yes`. `That will be £ ------.
by post in a week`. I left happy, until the NEXT time.