Author Topic: Chatham Royal Dockyard- No 2 Slipway  (Read 133 times)

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Chatham Royal Dockyard- No 2 Slipway
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No 2 Slipway was filled in during the late 1890s, along with No 1 Slipway, because they were too small to launch ships of the size then being built at Chatham. The ends of the slipways were bricked up and the void behind was filled in with boiler ash. The timber framed cover over No 1 slipway, identical to the one now extant over the former No 3 slipway was demolished when the slipway was filled in, but the one over No 2 was retained but burned down in 1966.

This picture shows the launching ways beyond the end of the slipway, running out into the Medway. I can only imagine the ships which were launched down these:

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