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Odeon Cinema Sittingbourne.

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Dave Smith:
grandarog. As an Apprentice at Shorts Seaplane Works, we had day release to go to Medway Tech., doing ONC. This was Sept. '45- Dec. '47- when, as Shorts were moving all production over to Belfast, I left to join the RAF at Halton. We also did one night a week, Engineering Drawing- the chap who took us, was from Shorts design Office.

That took me back DaveSmith. Played hookey to see Bill Haley "Rock around the Clock" there. As far as I know the Cinema has gone. The tech is still there i dont know what it is used as now. What years were you there I was a founder member moved from Rochester Tech. Thats now a Community type place.

Many happy hours spent in the back row in my teen years. Much nicer than the “flea pit” Queens cinema over the road a bit.

However no time for extra curricular activities afterwards as the last number 26 bus left the station at ten past ten, and a sprint finish was often on the cards.

Best memory is of watching The Italian Job opening sequence with the Lamborghini Muira climbing up through the alpine winding roads and being jabbed in the ribs by the girlfriend with a hissed “Stop driving”. My Morris Minor was not that agile!

Happy days 8)

Nice find.  Only went in there once to see 2001: A Space Odyssey with my girlfriend. Must have been 1968. I loved our art deco cinemas.

Dave Smith:
grandarog. It's nice to see these oldish buildings- with a bit of character- still surviving. That one reminds me of the Ritz in Rochester? Some Rochestonian will no doubt confirm, or otherwise. Do you know whether the Odeon/ Embassy, is still there in Gardener Street? Gillingham- across from the Medway Tech., where both you & I  attended. (Different years of course).


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