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The Medway Queen

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Hi Signals. I've always thought it was Sheerness but I may be wrong. I was only around 6 or 7 at the time. Maybe big sister in NZ will remember better so I'll ask her.

Cosmo Smallpiece:
I've never been on the MQ. I found the following dates here which may explain the different recollections of the sailing points (may also age the posters!  ;) ).

--- Quote --- Her regular itinerary started at Strood, with calls at Chatham (until 1959) and Sheerness (until 1954), and onward to Southend and either Clacton or Herne Bay. In June 1953, she was in the official line-up at the Coronation Review of the Fleet at Spithead. After seventeen post-war seasons, she made her last sailing on 8 September 1963.
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Dave Smith:
In the late 30's, during my Dad's holiday week from the Yard, we usually had a " grand day out" to Southend on the M.Q.- or other paddle steamers, leaving from Sun pier- Gillingham? Like others, I was always fascinated by the engine & the paddle wheels. Watched from the viewing platform, they seemed enormous to a "little lad". I think I would have loved someone to explain the rudiments of the engine, how the back & forth of the pistons/ con rods was transmitted to circular motion via the crankshaft & thence to turn the paddle wheels. So simple that I think I would have understood. But sadly, it was not to be & not until years later did I learn about those things.

We used to go Strood -Sheerness regularly, I think she crossed over to Southend then. pretty sure she docked at the (now hidden) Pier. Like AlanTH , recollections of the engine room which you could view and the paddle wheels

AlanTH,interesting you mention Sheerness,I never once remember the Medway queen calling at Shepy,during my many trips on her,please can you enlighten me as to the point of landing ?


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