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Re: Commority?
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In the same area, the Trittiscliffe Tree Warden mentions Commority Down

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Looking into the word, Commority.  There is a byway from Vigo to Trottiscliffe that uses the word as Commority Road.  Where the road meets the Pilgrims Way, there is a cottage called Commority. It was once called Little Commority around 1902.

 I have checked with the present owners and they don't know where the word comes from. The local warden suggested it might be pre-Waterlow Estate. ( Sir Sidney Hedley Waterlow, 1822-1906 created a huge estate, 175 acres - around Vigo/Meopham. )  The old estate forms part of the present Trosley Country Park. All Kent County Council can tell me, is that it is  " an ancient byway." The byway is commonly known today as Wealdway.

Wondered if any members had come across this word, what it means and where it comes from?

Thx: Mike

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