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I did a bit of roller skating at the casino. Totally useless. Everyone used to pass me and give me a shove. I didn't bother with that bit of lunacy for too long. :)

Yes - we played roller hockey in the 1950`s in the Kent League.  We all chipped in - one of the lad`  borrowed his father`s taxi - to run us - I started skating during the war - I noticed a lady with the same surname as our driver had become a member on here - She is not on the member`s list now.
We travelled all over Kent - Herne Bay - Folkestone - Margate & South Essex - Southend.
I played in defence. - Herne Bay was the best team in England - then. Played on the pier.


--- Quote from: Dave Smith on June 12, 2020, 02:53:52 PM ---They're all fixed

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Around the late sixties I got to know the doorman of a club I was a member, of who was a professional wrestler. I use to chat with him a lot and he told me he was billed to appear in Bournemouth and when he arrived he was last on the bill. He lived in Croydon and did not fancy the late return home. As the bout started he abused the referee and then struck him, was disqualified, left the ring picked, up his money and returned home to an early night. All without penalty. Is was great because after the wrestling at Croydon Fairfield Halls all his wrestling mates would come to the club to visit him. Met many of the famous names of the time.

Dave Smith:
KeithG. Those photo's brought back memories, thanks. Saturday afternoons in the mid 40's, we hired the skates/boots then & met some nice girls. A tune by Joe Loss( now, WHAT was it? anybody?) was always played. Balancing on rollers was useful when I started ice skating a few years later. Castle.  Did you play roller hockey in the team or just watch?

Dave Smith:
Shoot99. I think most of them were similar. We knew one who was the father of my daughter's friend, a really nice chap who gave us a bit of insight. They're all fixed, " your turn today, etc., but they have to be super fit & know how to throw & fall without injury. There were always the baddies to keep the ladies happy shouting at them. It was their income at stake.


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