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--- Quote from: Smiffy on June 12, 2020, 01:34:36 PM ---Mick McManus - "The man you love to hate!"

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And probably the nicest gentle man you could meet. In real life he was the quietly spoken George Matthews who ran the HQ of Dale Martin Promotions; arranging the fight schedules and sometimes the results! He was also an expert on antique porcelain and friend of Richard Attenborough.


--- Quote from: mmitch on June 11, 2020, 11:36:44 AM ---
In 1964 when my brother and I were learning to drive. We were passing and saw that Jackie Pallo was on the wrestling bill that night so we parked outside and spent the evening there instead!

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Slightly off-topic, but Jackie Pallo used to live on the Haine Road in Ramsgate.  Throughout the 1980s his garden was full of car wrecks and junk. It became slowly more derelict and the last time I passed it was boarded up.   I see it is now being re-developed (or in the planning stages).


Mick McManus - "The man you love to hate!"


 I saw him and several 'acts' like him (including Mick McManus!) at several holiday venues. I'm sure there were a few people 'placed'  in the audience to get everyone going!

Invicta Alec:
The only name I remember on Shoot999's wrestling bill poster was Adrian Street.

Apart from the Casino he also appeared a time or two on Kent Walton's Saturday afternoon wrestling slot on ITV's World of Sport programme.
He was one of the sport's 'bad boys' and used to infuriate the mature ladies in the audience with his less than sporting foul holds and moves.
I remember he had long blonde hair and used to make a great show of preening himself between rounds. I can remember roaring with laughter at a couple of old dears wildly brandishing their furled umbrellas at him, threatening to dive over the bottom rope to set about him.  :)



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