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Chatham Intra Synagogue


Here's a picture of Simon's memorial. The gate which was removed during or after last autumn's vandalism has been repaired and is now bolted shut, so there is no public access to the burial ground.
I've been trying to post a photo of the memorial for the last couple of days.  I have several photos of Magnus family graves and may try again if a week or two if anyone is interested.

Not directly related to the Blackshirts; but Heather Piercey, the daughter of 'Lord Haw Haw' William Joyce, regularly attended the Chatham Synagogue from the mid 60s as an act of atonement for what her father had done.

Fascinating stuff, thank you for posting it. It's a shame that the expulsion of Jews under Edward I is not covered in any real detail. There is also nothing about the impact on Chatham's Jewish community of Moseley's Blackshirts in the years prior to the outbreak of World War Two. Were they active in Chatham at all, or were they mainly active in East London?

A fascinating history of the Jewish community and its synagogue at Chatham Intra


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