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The Star Dance Hall, Maidstone


The entrance still exists in Pudding Lane-Star House

I remember going to a Star dance hall in Maidstone in the 60s but not sure if it was part of a hotel. I do remember getting thrown out by the bouncers for a misdemeaner of some kind... probably smiled at some thugs girlfriend. :)

If that was the Royal Star Hotel, it still exists as part of the Royal Star Arcade shopping centre.

Dave Smith:
We never seem to get anything on Maidstone on the KHF! However, on a Saturday night, this dance hall was the meeting place of the RAF West Malling during WW2, & probably long after. My wife also went there from 1945 onward, every Saturday without fail for they got some good bands & it was always packed. Is it still there, for I now live 150 miles away?


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