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Nightclub in Canterbury Street Gillingham

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Dave Smith:
Definitely the Pavilion in the 40's. My sister Betty, was going out with a member of the resident band & often sang for them in 1944/45. Before WW2, I have a feeling that it belonged to the Co-Op?- unless that was close by in Canterbury Street? We went to an exhibition there, probably 1938, & I well remember there was a Co-Op machine pressing out bars of soap from a continuous length of material. In those days, the Co-op had many of their own factories producing goods.   

  Despite all the name changes I still refer to it as the Pav some good times there in the 60s

Lyn L:
If I remember rightly , it was called the Pavilion from it's start in 1931  ( old forum maybe ) then as DTT said the more recent names.

I think in (roughly) this order:
Victor Silvesters Dance Hall
Catch 22
The Zone
Moo Moos

I first remembered it as Joannas, but I wasn't old enough to get in. It's also been called "The Zone" and "Preach Clubrooms" before it was "Moo Moo's". There were other names too, but I can't remember what they were.


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