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Coming up stairs !


Going back a few years - I was staying with my lady friend - she had on the police drama on the television `The Bill `.
We heard some one coming up the stairs, then ` No, not him again, then Graham Cole head came into view - it was
the man himself - PC Stamp. We had met before & had been invited to the `Saturday night show - staring Edmunds.
Graham arrived in a BBC car - we in our car - We were ushered in to a small room - with a bowl of fruit on the table.
We were shown in to a room - where several of the other `acts` were to follow - `give us a P` man was watching
`Dads Army` the programme on - before - others were `the two rowers`- half of the German cast of `Allo `Allo` in
uniform - the actress who played the piano - (sorry I cant think of her name) - Tony Blackburn + several others.

When the time came for the show to start - we saw the warm up man Felix Bowman - just finishing. The show went
on with Edmunds - then came the `inserts`- filmed before - the camera crew was laughing - with us during the stop.
When the end came after the `Gung Tank` - we all went back to Green Room. - there was - wine - sandwiches - cake
Graham introduced us to Tony Blackburn + several others -what was striking was a German uniformed lady - was out
of uniform now - and she was lovely - Edmunds came round and shook everybody`s hand - except ours - as we were
sitting down - out of his sight. Show finished - Graham left in a BBC car - we followed - to get a fish & chip supper.


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