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Re: Rochester Casino
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In 1964 when my brother and I were learning to drive. We were passing and saw that Jackie Pallo was on the wrestling bill that night so we parked outside and spent the evening there instead!

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Re: Rochester Casino
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I put this one up on a FB recently. From 61 I believe.

As a kid it was Friday night wrestling for me once I had earned some money helping out at the market with enough left for a half time piping hot Telfer Pie (as also sold at the Pie Stall). Saturday mornings were roller skating;  although I never saw the attraction, just used to go because my  mates did. And I remember going a few times mid-week to watch roller hockey, but I don't know if that ever caught on?

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Re: Rochester Casino
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I did my skating there - during the war - On Saturday nights dancing
Dancing there to Joe Loss & his band - all the big bands came there - except Glen Miller.
Later - I went - all over Kent - London - Essex - with the roller hockey team -  great days - then.

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Rochester Casino
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Used to go roller skating here when i was 11yrs in 1959 i was in the Dance Club which was held on Tuesday but also used to go on Saturday afternoons but it used to be chaotic packed with skaters all going around in a large circle.

I had the proper black Boot Skates for men size 4 :D  as the white was for women. They were bought for me at Doughty`s along opposite the Gents Outfitter shop of Featherstones. Was a lovely sports shop also bought my wooden chess set there. My Partner for the Dance Club was the daughter of The Ship licensee at Frindsbury just a few doors up from where i lived.

The Casino had a few name changes in it`s time:

The Palace Skating Rink was opened on 23rd May 1910 by October 1910 it was called the County Rink

Kelly`s Directory of 1911 and 1913 now called Rochester Skating Rink which by 1923 was now a Temperance Billiard Hall

On 17th August 1923 now called The Palais de Dance ...Kellys agreed with that between 1924-1927

But Kellys in 1928 it was now called Casino.
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