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Re: The Pavilion !
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Us group of scooterist had all moved on to Cars by 1966 and it was around 1968 when we used the Pavilion or Pav but we went on a Tuesday and called it the Widows Hop ;D

Had a great time but of course went steady as work the next day!

Another time my mates Cousin who worked for Martin Earl in Strood ...lorry driver so big bloke a pint looked like a halfpint in his hand... he always bragged he was 21 and we were 19yrs...the doorman said only 20 year olds can come in so we all went in except the Cousin as the doorman had asked him first and he said 21yrs and was not allowed in...we did really have a laugh because we all knew he was 19 same as us ;D ;D 
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The Pavilion !
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We used to dance at the Gillingham Pavilion dance hall , most Saturday nights, in the 1960`s.
All went well, until the Teddy Boys decided to pay us a visit. They arrived by the side door,
left open for ventilation, so they never paid to get in. They would interrupt, by walking among
the dancers. We managed until it was time to catch the last bus home.
I chose the rear seat upstairs, the gang appeared to like the top deck too, as the leader sat
in the other rear seat. all was ok, until the leader started swearing. I objected, and I told him
so. All hell let loose then, as he grabbed me by my collar, to hit me. One of his mates said `
` Leave it, until we get to the coffee hut, ( at Chatham station) then we can `do` him `.
Things went quiet then, then as we stopped at the coffee , I whispered to my wife, as she
started to get off `stay there for a minute, as the gang left. I decided to go on to the next stop,
then walk through Victoria Gardens. We left them at the coffee stall, and me all in tact, no bruises.
I know his name --- I will not mention it --- safety first !