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Royal Engineers records will either be in their own archive at Brompton if they have one, or at the National Archive.

Old Luton Boy:
Hi everybody, I find this thread very interesting as many years ago on 'the other site' I posted a related study in an endeavour to dispel the myth of the Lake Under Luton Rec. Southern Water were very helpfull with information regarding adits and boreholes under the Rec' and Jim Logans notes on Joan Batchelors memoirs, held at Medway Archives also proved helpfull. At the time I had no need to approach the Royal Engineers, with whom Richard Batchelor had battled in court over the supply of water to Luton to find the answers I needed. I now wonder if indeed the RE's records will show the answers to the questions in this thread, or again, a request to Southern Water.

Thank you, DTT, I'd forgotten all about the pumping station at Capstone. I guess I was only thinking of the Luton pump house. That makes perfect sense now, but I'm still up for the field trip!

You are right Lutonman.  There were some photos, but i think that was of the sewerage system.

I looked last night, via the archive (WayBackmachine) and Kyn's post showed the sewerage pipes that runs a little west of our area of interest.  They show 24" pipes.   This has piqued my interest as there are so many features that would suggest a pipe.

I did look to see if there were any SV (Sluice Valve) or WO (Wash Out) posts on the junction of Capstone Road or Hunters Way that would be used to control the pipeline.  The only ones I could find were in the new estate where the reservoir is, and they are all sluice valves.  But, the posts do not indicate their size.  I think they only do that with WO of Fire Hydrants. 

I recall on the old forum that Kyn got hold of some maps from SWA showing the route of pipes around the SWA at the Luton pump house and that there was a pipe or pipe can't remember the detail that linked the Luton pump house to the reservoir at the top of the Darlands. Have to see if we can find it on the archive site. 


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