Author Topic: List of Plane Crashes - Pre WW1  (Read 1150 times)

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List of Plane Crashes - Pre WW1
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This is a list of plane crashes which occurred in or off the shores of Kent in the period before the First World War started.

The list details the date, the registration (if known or registered) and type of aircraft, where the accident occurred, a brief description of the accident and the number of fatalities (if any). It's taken from 'Plane Crashes in the South-East', a document linked to on



13th Vickers Tractor Biplane. Crashed in the River Thames after takeoff from Joyce Green. 2 killed

22nd. 4. Short Triple Tractor. Damaged beyond repair at base RNAS Eastchurch.


18th. 37. Borel Monoplane Seaplane from RNAS Grain. Crashed on landing in the Swale off Harty Ferry.


15th. 55. Caudron Seaplane of RNAS Grain. Sideslipped on takeoff in the River Medway
      57. Caudron Seaplane of RNAS Grain. Hit buoy in the River Medway and overturned.


2nd. 23. Longhorn of the Naval Flight School at Eastchurch. Sideslipped in at base. 2 killed.



23rd. 140. Farman HF22H from RNAS Grain. Engine failure, Forced Landing and lost floats off Dover.
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