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Lists of Kent Plane crashes
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I am compiling a (very long!) list of all the plane crashes in Kent. It'll take some time and I'll split it up into periods (Pre WW1, Inter War Years, WW2 and Post WW2). I'm hoping that it'll be used as an index and form the basis of further research, along the lines of the lists I posted about Kent-built warships. The intention is to make these items stickies and put in hyperlinks to future items members may post about individual plane crashes.

The shortest list will be the pre-WW1 list. From memory, the first plane crash in our county occurred in 1913 or thereabouts. The longest will be the WW2 list, because that will list all those British and German planes lost in the Battle of Britain as well as bombers which didn't quite make it back to their home bases after being damaged in action over Europe later in the war.
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