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Re: German Plane.
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Castle261,just a small contribution to your quest,Richard Watts charities in the city of Rochester owns a large number of properties in Boundry road ,I think you will find Thay have records of war reperetions payments made in respect of this incident.

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German Plane.
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Has the record of the German aircraft, that crashed in the `Boundary Road area `been brought over
from the old site. If not, my mother wrote in a letter then sent me a piece of that plane, to Wales.
I read the reports, & of the vague description as to `where`it actually crashed in 1940/41
While I was in the area last year, I noticed the roof of a certain house, was different from all the others. I remember the reports, never mentioned the exact place, but my mother did.
I walked into the `Chase Rochester ` looking along the roof line. then I saw the difference.
I will not say which is different, if you happen to be in the `Chase `------- see if you can tell !

Perhaps other member`s have more information, brought over.