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Dunkirk Cafe & Filling Station - 1930s
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Hi, and thanks for adding me to the Kent History Forum. :)
Does anyone remember the old Dunkirk Cafe & Filling Station in the late 1930s?
It was located on the old A2, just beyond the radio masts if travelling from Boughton, about a quarter of a mile before the Red Lion pub in Dunkirk.
There is no sign whatsoever of it having been a garage now, and not to be confused with the old Gate Inn (Esso garage and Travelodge) on the opposite side of the new A2.
My grandfather was the manager of the Dunkirk Filling Station between 1937 and 1940 (that I know of, possibly longer) – his name was Joseph Charles Howard and his partner Yvonne managed the Cafe, with my mother (Joan, aka Pat) helping out between 1937-39.
I realise this is a long-shot and beyond the memory of most, but someone may just recall something. I have asked this question before (elsewhere, but can't recall where) and received quite a bit of help, but the questions that surround my grandfather and mother’s time there still remain, so I just thought I would ask again.
With thanks, Pete
PS... does anyone know where I might find old photographs?