Author Topic: St Mary's Upchurch War Graves.  (Read 4545 times)

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St Mary's Upchurch War Graves.
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There are 5 War Graves in the churchyard of St Mary's Upchurch. four are of WW1 and one of WW2

Wilfed David Baker.  K42186. Age 29. Stoker 1st Class. Royal Navy.. Died 20 October 1918.
Son of Charles and Margaret Baker , 5 Otterham Cottages, Upchurch.

Stuart WilliamArthur Mercer. K54268. Age 28. Stoker 2nd Class. Royal Navy.. Died 28 November 1918
Son of William and Eliza Mercer ,Upchurch. Husband of Elsie Mercer,78 Upper Milton Road ,Gillingham.

Albert Victor Stapleton. 540067. Age 25. 2nd. Corporal.  Royal Engineers .  Died   2 Nov 1918
Son of John and Mary Stapleton,Upchurch. Husband of Daisy Stapleton. 12 Kent Terrace ,Upchurch.

Henry Edward Thurley. L/10622. Age 21. Private. The Buffs. East Kent Regiment. Died    1 February 1917
Son of George and Charlotte Thurley.  15 Kent Terrace. Upchurch.

George Henry Corbett. 81366. Age 21. Pilot Officer. 66 Sqdn. Royal Air Force,V.R. Died   8 October 1940.
Son of Henry and Mabel Corbett. Oak Bay, Victoria. British Columbia, Canada.