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Steel Helmets
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One of my side lines when I was a Messenger in the A.R.P. - was when we were given a black steel helmet, after out training, there was nothing painted
on the front of the helmet - I decided to make an mock up of the letter `M` - that`s `M` for Messenger out of cardboard - then I got some white paint.
( Dads shed came in useful ) then traced the M on to the helmet - then painted it - when the other lads (4 of them) on our A.R.P. Post saw that - they
wanted me to paint theirs - so I did a roaring trade painting M and for the Wardens - I turned the `M`  upside down - & painted `W` on theirs.

There was a machine on the wall of the hardware shop in Magpie Hall Road - near Henry Street -
where you could put a penny in - & out came two cigarette`s  & a Swan Vesta match.

I only charged them sixpence each for doing the painting ( which was a lot of money then ) - P.S - you could buy Woodbines 10 for fivepence - 20 for a shilling.

There were 262 A.R.P. Messengers - killed during air raids - in the war. ( source B.B.C. Archives )