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My sister was drafted into war work - instead of the forces. she must have had a `number`
that if if ended in a certain number - `o` I think it was - that meant you had a civilian job -
of going into the army, navy or air force, you had no choice - what job you were given, not
She received a letter to report to The Dockyard. After a six weeks course - she was then a
`Dilutie Electrical Fitter`- she worked there - until the war ended - She was a Palour Maid - before

On the other hand - later her husband - who worked at Shorts at one time - he too had a number -
he was directed into the coal mines - fore the duration. - unlucky - for some.

Yet my brother was lucky - the R.A.F. then released ( under the `B`release scheme ) to serve at
Short Brothers - not at Rochester - but at Windermere - lucky !- he met & married his dolly girl !