Author Topic: Dover Castle Tunnels  (Read 693 times)

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Re: Dover Castle Tunnels
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From what I was told by an EH expert the term 'DUMPY' Level did not come into use until the Cold War period. All WW2 documents refer to it as 'CHQ Level'.

For interest here's a plan of the RSG c.1962

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Re: Dover Castle Tunnels
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More likely that it was the Tower of London, that Hitler wanted. Was that bombed ?

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Re: Dover Castle Tunnels
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Even though it was hosted by Jonathan Coad I found the bit about Dover Castle somewhat lacking. I question some of the statements made such as what the term DUMPY meant. A 1943 diagram refers to the levels as "M.D.S Level" (medical dressing station) Level Yellow, not Annex. The Casemate Level was called "Vice Admirals' Level" Blue Level and Dumpy was called "Combined HQ Level" Red Level.
And as for Hitler wanting it for himself doesn't make sense. The castle was bombed, there are photos of post war repair of the outer bailey walls. At that time of the war Germany was more concerned with fighter and bomber command and airfields, not ancient castles. Dover itself was heavily attacked because it was part of the campaign to demoralize civilians.

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Dover Castle Tunnels
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At 20:00 Wednesday 27th November on Yesterday Freeview 25 Underground Worlds features the Dover Castle Tunnels.