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Re: Bredhurst
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johnfilmer. I suppose he could have died in hospital? Never heard of New Bredbury. But did visit Lidsing in 1943/4 when Scouting. We ate our sandwiches on the grass area in front of The Harrow & I did a sketch of it to show where we had been & was chastised by Skip for showing a public house as somewhere of note!

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Re: Bredhurst
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Can't help you there I'm afraid but for a 1910 photo of The Bell see

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Doing some ancestry tracing, I found my great grandmother’s brother, James John (Jack) Monday was the licensee of The Bell at Bredhurst between about 1903 and 1922. Curiously the next pub up the lane, The Harrow at Lidsing was kept at that time by another great grandfather Walter Colyer.

However the probate record for John Monday has his death in 1943 at 42 Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, but his residence at 766 Maidstone Road, New Bredhurst.

Two things about this record are odd. 42 Magpie Hall Road would look to be the site of All Saints Hospital (previously the Union Workhouse) and 766 is right at the top of Maidstone Road, which surely should be Wigmore. I have never heard of New Bredhurst before, has anybody else?

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